Starting The Award


Start tHE AWARD today!


Do you have a Youth Group, School Club, Scout Troop, Sports Team, or other group or Potential Participants?

Becoming an Award Leader is an exciting and effective way to engage youth and make a difference.

Award Leaders must undergo brief mandatory training to fully understand the requirements and effectively administer the DofE.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Possess or identify a potential group of participants
  2. Express volunteer interest to our national office
  3. Undergo a standard background check
  4. Attend a training session and become a Certified Award Leader

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruit participants
  • Maintain governance and organization
  • Report annual membership to the national office
  • Ensure participants fulfill the basic requirements
  • Organize the Award Unit’s Adventurous Journey
  • Correspond regularly with the national office


Award Leaders help influence Nigeria’s future by personally investing in our youth. It’s a wonderful way to give back to your community and you make an unforgettable impression in the lives of many.

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the most important and most rewarding ways to get involved. Award Leaders encourage participants and help make the national program run smoothly.

Teachers, coaches, parents, Scout leaders, and patrons comprise an integral part of the International Award for Young People Nigeria. Award Leaders help mentor participants by overseeing activities, verifying their work, and helping carryout the Adventurous Journey.

Please download and send the completed Volunteer Application Form to: Also view and download our Volunteers Code of Conduct

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