Award Leaders


Award Leaders

Our work is hugely supported by Volunteer Award Leaders who play a vital role in ensuring that young people get the best out of their Award. An Award Leaders is an adult volunteer who has undergone the required training, who is the contact and mentor for an Award Group.
There are different categories of the Award leadership. These are:

  • Award Coordinators
  • Assessors
  • Supervisors


We work together with Volunteers to ensure that the young people in Nigeria get a quality experiential experience as they go through the Award Program.

Who is an Award Coordinator?
Award Coordinators are adult volunteer or paid staff who is the key contact in a licensed operating unit responsible for setting up and running the Award. They are the frontline of The Award Program, playing one of the most fundamental roles – that of developing the Participants who are actively involved. Without them there simply would be no Award!

Each licensed Operator must appoint an Award Coordinator. A Coordinator is a Volunteer who is the main contact for the Licensed Operator, and is responsible for running The Award Program in that organization. In large organizations there may be other volunteers who assist in the running of the Program – these people are usually called Assistant Coordinators or Assistant Leaders.

As an Award Coordinator, your role is to engage young people in the program, and encourage and inspire participants throughout their Award journey.

Coordinators could be anyone from a teacher to a sporting coach to a Cadet leader, as long as they are appointed by a Licensed Operator.
Award Coordinators Roles and Responsibilities

Who is an Assessor?

An Assessor is an adult volunteer identified by an Award Leader who assesses a participant’s chosen activity in any section of the Award and completes the record book to verify they have achieved the requirements of the Award. They assist young person with their Award. For each Section of The Award (Physical Recreation, Skill, e.t.c), a participant will need at least one Assessor to help guide them throughout their Award. In some instances, a participant will require more than one Assessor per Section to ensure that each activity has been completed.

Assessors must have experience and/or qualifications in the activity chosen by the young person. They must be suitably skilled to assess a Participant’s activity, write a report at the completion of that activity, and sign off the Participant’s records to verify the participant has achieved the requirements of The Award. In most circumstances, an Assessor should not be an immediate family member. An Assessor can assess more than one Participant. They may also be qualified to assess across multiple activities and/or sections. Please note that a Coordinator can also be an Assessor.

As an Award Assessor, you also play a crucial role in the success of The Award Program. Your role is to engage with Participants, and offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement as they undertake the Section of The Award that you are assessing.
Assessor Roles and Responsibilities

Who is a Supervisor?
Supervisors are suitably qualified and/or experienced volunteers who are responsible for a group’s safety throughout their practice and qualifying adventurous journey. They play a critical role in implementing and overseeing the arrangements concerning the safety of participants when they are undertaking their Adventurous Journeys. The Supervisor can be a different person for each journey, and there can also be more than one Supervisor for each journey.

In most circumstances, a Supervisor should not be an immediate family member. Please contact the Award Office for further information requirements in relation to undertaking Adventurous Journeys.
Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities