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Do you have a Youth Group, School Club, Scout Troop, Sports Team, or other group or Potential Participants?

Becoming an Award Leader is an exciting and effective way to engage youth and make a difference.

Award Leaders must undergo brief mandatory training to fully understand the requirements and effectively administer the DofE.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Possess or identify a potential group of participants
  2. Express volunteer interest to our national office
  3. Undergo a standard background check
  4. Attend a training session and become a Certified Award Leader

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruit participants
  • Maintain governance and organization
  • Report annual membership to the national office
  • Ensure participants fulfill the basic requirements
  • Organize the Award Unit’s Adventurous Journey
  • Correspond regularly with the national office
  • Award Leaders help influence Nigeria’s future by personally investing in our youth. It’s a wonderful way to give back to your community and you make an unforgettable impression in the lives of many.

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