The Award is based on three progressive levels and four sections of activities

Three Levels

The Award is based around three Levels, each successive one requiring a greater degree of commitment.

  1. BRONZE is for those 14 and older. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 6 months
  2. SILVER is for those 15 and older. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 6 months
  3. GOLD is for those 16 and older. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 12 months

The Award may not be achieved in a shorter time span by working more intensively. Participants must persist for at least the above minimum periods.

It is possible to start at any Level – many participants work their way through all three, while others start at Silver or Gold by fulfilling additional time requirements.

Four Sections

To earn an Award, participants must dedicate at least one hour weekly for each activity they select. The minimum periods of participation vary with each Award Level (see above). Participants choose an Activity Coach to verify that they have made the persistent and regular effort for the minimum time periods required at each level.
Activity Coach – an adult supervisor (not a parent) who has a workable knowledge of the chosen activity. The Activity Coach must verify that the participant has fulfilled the requirements for that Section (i.e. – teacher, soccer coach, piano instructor, service coordinator, etc.).

  1. Community Service – participants engage with their community and discover the impact they can have through service.
  2. Special Skills – participants develop personal interests and learn practical skills. There are almost limitless possibilities to choose from. Participants set their own goals and measure their progress.
  3. Physical Recreation – participants show perseverance and improve their fitness by undertaking some form of organized and regular physical activity. Most sports team and individual sports satisfy this requirement.
  4. Adventurous Journey – participants develop an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose. It can be on foot, by bicycle, boat or on horseback by learning preparation, self-sufficiency and self-reliance.
    • Bronze – 2 days/1 night 6 hours of purposeful activity each day.
    • Silver – 3 days/2 nights 7 hours of purposeful activity each day.
    • Gold – 4 days/3 nights 8 hours of purposeful activity each day.

    Gold Residential Project – Only a requirement at Gold Level. This 5 day/4 night project aims to broaden experience through living and working with others (who are not everyday companions). The project takes place over a period of five consecutive days or two weekends.

    It requires resilience, adaptability and consideration for others.