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  • 17 year old Ijeoma Nwuke came across The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through her school, Day Waterman College, Nigeria. She began her award at the Bronze level and moved on to complete her Silver Award. At the Silver level, she went to Gambia for her adventurous journey, where she was able to understand and experience the importance of team work and adaptation to diverse cultural environments.In describing her experience, she said:

    “Through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award experience, I learnt to adapt to my environment despite how tough it may be. I learnt to strive on and persevere especially as I was trekking with my fellow classmates in Gambia for our Silver final expedition. I was exposed to different cultures, I learnt tolerance and understood diversity in cultures. This definitely helped me when I moved to South Africa and met various people from various cultures. I have to admit, there were moments during the expedition that were quite shell-cracking as we were exposed to environments we were not used to, all whilst having the sun beat us down our necks. But in all, the experience was enthralling.

    The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an opportunity all young people should take as it teaches people to work together in teams and adapt to various environments. Through the community service component, you learn to give to people and also receive in terms of satisfaction and gratitude. For those who enjoy divulging themselves in great and adrenaline-filled experiences, whilst having a supportive community at their side, The DofE is for you”.

    Ijeoma is currently a student of the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa and is working hard towards achieving her Gold Award.

  • My name is Habeeb Alawiye. I am a Bronze Award holder from Ikeja Senior High School. Participating in the Award has impacted on my life positively as i began to shun various social vices like defacing public places with graffiti and vandalism.

    It improved my educational attainment and also improved my attendance at school and my commitment to education, and also my vocation, Now I have a shop of my own with 2 apprentices learning fashion designing under me. The Award also improved my physical fitness and my sense of emotional and mental well-being.

    Furthermore, it has increased my awareness of environmental issues and involvement in sustainable initiatives.
    When I reflect on my award journey, I think back to when I began and how I have improved in such a short period of time, what a wonderful experience I have acquired and tremendous people I have meet along the way.

    The Award has given me a meaningful future to aim at, and has also encouraged me on how to overcome any form of obstacle, and also to celebrate my achievements in life. Now I am in my silver level and I hope to progress to my gold level.